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A Warm Welcome from Our President

Welcome to CEOs in the Black!

As a black business owner, I know how hard it is to navigate challenges and setbacks—it takes some resilience to thrive in difficult circumstances. In fact, I did a podcast with one of my Board members on just what it was like for me in the early years. You can listen to that here.
Many years later, I became President of CEOs in the Black, an organization that helps black business owners feel that they are not alone and that there is help out there, no matter how big or small their business is. The more we engage with each other, the more we understand the common challenges. What inspired us was the courage and determination to carry on, whatever the obstacles.Our responsibility is to identify common obstacles and provide practical advice accompanied with resources to help business owners overcome these barriers and achieve sustainable growth.We do that by building strong CEO Communities—ones that use the power of business owners working together, sharing their challenges, providing suggestions about how to resolve those, and move forward towards their goals. This effort is the foundation-stone of our work, but there’s more…

So, let me ask you: How often do you want an expert to talk to and help you understand an area of business so that you can confidently proceed? How often do you wish you had some other business owners around you to help you make a tough decision? How often do you wish that you could access great speakers—the ones who write books and help businesses every day with things like marketing, sales, financial stability, employee issues, product pricing, and so on?

Our programs include:

  • Mentorship to support aspiring and established black entrepreneurs
  • How to develop flexible strategies to navigate both prosperous and challenging economic climates
  • Enhancing skills and knowledge necessary for business success, whatever size your business
  • Helping you use technology and digital platforms to expand your market reach, streamline operations, and drive innovation for black-owned businesses.

As with any journey, we need success stories along the way, and we’ll share those on our website and on social media from time to time. When entrepreneurs overcome adversity and achieve remarkable accomplishments, serving as role models for others in the community, we want to know about it and share their stories with you.

Our Board, which has a significant majority of black members, is the guardian of equity and diversity for our members. You can read about our purpose and mission here. We want to hear from you about the barriers you see as a business owner. We have a survey that will help you reflect on your business and tell us about your priorities. You can access the survey here on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Join us and Grow Your Business!

In New News:

We are preparing for an in-person get-together for every black-owned business in LA and surrounding areas on the evening of Thursday, May 30th. Details will be coming to you by email. Sign up if you’d like to receive those.

If you know any business owner that you think would like to hear about us, please email, and we will reach out to them.

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