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About CITB

We seek to understand what black-owned businesses need to grow and thrive, direct them to resources to help them chose programs and mentors, and get on a growth path.

At CEOs in the Black, we are committed to empowering and supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs of color. Our community-based organization is dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive business environment, fostering growth opportunities, and expanding economic prospects for underrepresented communities. We achieve this by providing comprehensive programs, personalized mentoring, strategic partnerships, advocacy, and micro-loans.

Our Purpose

CEOs in the Black is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering economic equity and bridging opportunity gaps for communities of color.

Our purpose is inspired by the US Chamber's Equality of Opportunity Initiative and the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement across multiple cultures.

By concentrating on entrepreneurship and leadership development, we utilize our extensive expertise to deliver customized assistance, valuable resources, and effective advocacy to small business owners and entrepreneurs of color. Through our comprehensive support, we build communities and empower individuals to flourish, generate growth opportunities, and cultivate lasting generational wealth.

Our Mission

At our non-profit organization, we are driven by a powerful mission: to foster an equitable environment where all individuals, especially those from marginalized communities, have equal access to the vital resources and support they need to realize their business, financial, and personal aspirations.

By leveling the playing field for existing and aspiring business owners, with a particular focus on those of color, they are empowered to overcome barriers, unleash their full potential, and achieve remarkable success in their entrepreneurial journey.

Our Core Values

Our values are Equity, Inclusion, Respect, Integrity, and Passion for our Purpose and our Vision.